Landscaping Water Features

Landscaping water features are a great way to add soothing and subtle elements to your existing garden or outdoor area, creating an area for audible tranquillity and relaxation.

construction, Landscaping Water Features

Create a harmonious space with landscaping water features

With calming cascading sounds, relaxing zen ripples or the gentle flow of a hidden fountain, landscaping water features can generate a sense of gentle motion to your garden. An outdoor area with soothing water features and sounds of movement not only complements your home’s architecture and landscape but can also be a space where you can relax and rejuvenate in.

Create a harmonious space where local fauna can thrive and be a safe haven to visit. An inviting outdoor area with landscaping water features can attract native wildlife, creating a beautiful environment for your garden’s biodiversity.

Elevate your outdoor area with beautiful pool landscaping

Creating an outdoor pool area should not only enhance the beauty of your residence but also be complementary to your existing architecture. It is important for your design to work with the rest of your landscape, for an easy flow and movement between the pool and your home for an inviting indoor to outdoor transition. We can create the ideal pool landscaping that considers existing shape, facade, materials, size and everything in between to make sure that your house, landscape and lifestyle all blend perfectly together.

construction, Landscaping Water Features
construction, Landscaping Water Features

The perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics

When designing your dream water features like landscape waterfalls, our experienced team at Waddell Landscape Design always aims to create the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. If you are ready to take the next step to create an outdoor area that you have always dreamed of, give our team a call for an initial consultation. We look forward to creating your dream landscaping water features. 

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