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Pools and Water Features

Water features and pools are such an important component in any garden. If the right size and style is incorporated into the design a water feature can be the perfect addition to add movement and sound throughout a garden. If used incorrectly however, water features and pools can be jarring to the landscape.

Water features can be diverse and should fit effortlessly into a garden design. Options range from large reflection ponds to minimal overflowing spheres or even a combination of both!

Regulations such as depth restrictions should be taken into consideration when designing and construction water features. If you have an idea in mind the team at Waddell Landscapes will love to make it a reality and make sure it’s done safely and effectively.

Retaining Wall Design

Often retaining walls and retaining wall design comes as a result of leveling out an area. Careful thought should be given to the design as a retaining wall can look very overbearing in a garden if not constructed suitably.

Scale is one of the main factors. A 800mm high retaining wall in a small to medium sized garden will usually look obtrusive and make a space feel enclosed. To solve this problem, the height could be divided into two 400mm walls with the plateau in between planted out as a garden bed.

Sometimes a suitable solution may be to create a feature wall using stone or feature design tiles. Whether the retaining wall is constructed using timber or masonry, the position and height should be carefully considered during the garden design process.

With a registered building practitioner license, the Waddell Landscapes team can legally arrange any permits or structural detail required for a safe and effective retaining wall construction. Our experienced team can design and build retaining walls perfectly into your garden.

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Outdoor Decking Designs

Similar to garden paving, decking can come in many different shapes and sizes but a professional landscape design is the only way to explore the potential options and find the right fit. Decking designs can work with curved edges, full circles, wide boards or narrow boards. Decking can also be a great way to achieve elevation or deal with steep slopes.

Size and location is also a factor to decking design. If intended to be an entertaining space, it should be big enough to house a dining or lounge setting. Incorporating bench seats with hidden storage is a good way to get multiple uses out of a single space. Decking edges sometimes need to be softened with lush plantings that can look great spilling over onto a timber surface.

Pergola designs are just as diverse and important. Given their height, pergola design has to be carefully considered. Cantilevered open pergolas can look very architectural and suit a modern home with stainless steel pillars and lighting, while a vine covered timber pergola can be beautiful to walk under in a more classic style garden design.

With so many options, the overall garden design has to be considered before deciding on the most suitable decking or pergola design.

Garden Paving

Whether it be an entertaining patio or front entrance pathway, garden paving can make a big difference to your garden.

There are many different paving styles to choose from and the choice should depend on the style of the overall landscape design. Pavers can range from Melbourne bluestone, sandstone and brick, while garden paving patterns are equally as diverse with crazy paving, stretcher bond, modular patterns and many more! It’s important to invest in a professional landscape design that will determine the best paving combination for your property.

The options for garden paving are endless. When laid alongside decking or lawn the change in surfaces can really add interest to a garden. Equally a beautiful vine draped pergola erected over a Melbourne bluestone modular paved patio will always have a stunning effect. It comes down to a cohesive landscape design to ensure every garden component works in harmony.

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Garden Landscaping

The team at Waddell Landscapes’ has a thorough understanding of the impact a professional garden design and landscaped garden has on the overall look and value of your home. A designed and landscaped front garden frames the whole house and is the first point of contact when you and your visitors arrive at your home.

It’s not uncommon to see a beautiful Melbourne house that can’t live up to it’s potential because the garden design has been thrown together without much thought or care. At Waddell Landscapes, we take enormous satisfaction out of recognizing the beauty in a house and enhancing that appeal with a Melbourne garden design that compliments the house and adds to it’s appeal.

While the look and appeal of garden design is crucial, at Waddell Landscapes we also appreciate the need for a practical and functional space. Achieving a balance of hard and soft surfaces is key to strong garden design. A professional landscape allows for decks, paving, pergolas, as well as soft surfaces like lawn and garden beds to be incorporated in a way that suits the homeowner’s lifestyle and needs.

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