Peruse through our portfolio of landscape design projects. Discover the beauty of our finished past client projects that will leave you inspired for change.

At Waddell Landscape Design & Construction, we tailor each project to your unique vision. Explore our portfolio to see how we turn dreams into outdoor realities. Let’s create your paradise.

Landscape Design Projects, LANDSCAPE DESIGN PROJECTS

A reflection of lifestyle through landscape architecture

Every landscape design project is different and unique, and here at Waddell Landscape Design, we love to plan and design according to your lifestyle. With a keen eye for detail, our expert team of landscape architects will work with you to create the garden landscape design of your dreams. We have curated a list of landscape architecture projects from past clients that are sure to inspire you and leave you wanting more. Take the leap today and let the professional team at Waddell Landscape Design help you create your own piece of outdoor heaven.

To complement, not to compete

Create your outdoor landscaping to complement your existing architecture and the natural elements surrounding your home, not to compete with it. Our aim is to incorporate landscaping elements, outdoor spaces, architecture and natural environment to create striking designs for our client’s garden design projects. Our design team and landscape architects are here to make sure there is a continuous flow of design through your garden onto your architecture so that they’re able to enhance each other in a holistic manner.

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Functionality and aesthetics in all our landscape design projects

Whether you’re after creating a relaxing area in the backyard for some peace and tranquillity or designing an outdoor dining area that is ready to cater for your friends and family on the weekend, functionality and aesthetics is key in any garden design project! Browse through our award winning landscape design projects to find out exactly how we have been able to marry those 2 characteristics for some stunning results. Our range of services includes garden landscaping, pool landscaping, front yard and backyard landscaping, landscaping water features amongst others. Contact Waddell Landscape Design today to request a quote and start your landscape design project journey with us today.