Garden Maintenance

Our garden maintenance services will keep your garden looking immaculate, and saves you precious time. A well-kept garden adds value to your home and boosts curb-appeal, so get in touch with our professional team for high quality garden maintenance in Melbourne.

Your dream garden, expertly maintained – Elevate your space with our Garden Maintenance services.

At Waddell Landscape Design and Construction, we offer a wide range of lawn and garden maintenance services to both residential and commercial properties. Don’t waste time and money buying expensive gardening equipment that you will rarely use. We offer affordable prices for one-time jobs or frequent maintenance that you can schedule weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Contact our friendly team today for any queries regarding our garden maintenance services or to request a quote. We will send one of our garden specialists to assess your green area and determine what maintenance service it requires and how often, and to give you a personalised quote.

We provide our excellent landcape design services across Melbourne, Geelong, Byron BaySurf Coast and the Gold Coast, ensuring each garden and landscape design perfectly suit our clients’ personal taste, lifestyle, home and budget. Our residential landscape design and construction services also include taking care of any permits and paperwork, as we make sure to tick all the boxes for a smooth and enjoyable process when creating the perfect outdoor spaces. Speak to our expert Melbourne landscape designers today about how we can bring your dream garden to life.

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Lawn care

A well-kept lawn is the first thing you notice in a garden. We provide a variety of lawn care services that range from lawn mowing and fertilising to weed control. If you are designing a new yard, we also prepare garden beds to give your lawn and plants the best possible start.


If your property lacks an irrigation system, we can provide weekly, fortnightly, or monthly irrigation. This can be very convenient for businesses that have a green area either too big or too small for an irrigation system.


Worried about a hefty water bill? Mulching can help with water conservation in your garden. At Waddell Landscape Design, we provide quality mulch to help your plants stay hydrated and minimise the growth of weeds.

Hedge trimming

Everybody loves hedges cut in a nice geometrical shape. If that’s what you are going for, you’ll be happy to learn that we offer hedge trimming services to both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team will be sure to meet your expectations with symmetrically-cut hedges.

Weed & pest control

Weeds and pests can seriously damage your plants and lawn. Knowing what chemicals to use can be tricky and sometimes a dangerous game. To make sure you don’t permanently damage your garden with the wrong products, contact professionals who know how to treat your garden for weeds and pests.

Fertilising & planting

Our experienced landscapers know how to care for plants native to your region. We can enhance your garden’s growth by applying fertiliser, or expand it with plants of your choosing. If patience isn’t your strength, we provide fully-grown plants to make your garden beautiful from day one.

Garden tidy-ups

A messy garden can be a blessing in disguise. With a bit of landscaping work, you can shape it into the beautiful garden you have always wanted. Overgrown plants and trees can be cut to create space for your outdoor living or new vegetation.

Green waste removal

Because we are a landscaping business, we can offer affordable prices when it comes to green waste removal. Whether you have hired Waddell Landscape Design to work on your garden, or have been working on it yourself, we can remove the waste as part of our garden maintenance services.

Commercial gardening

Ensure your company presents well to clients, with a well-kept garden. We provide weekly, fortnightly, and monthly garden maintenance for your property’s green area. If your garden needs a boost, we also provide landscaping services, so you can impress clients and visitors with a brand new look.
Call us today if you have any questions about our lawn and garden maintenance services or to get a quote. Our friendly team will assist with any queries.

Our Process

1 Consultation

2 3D Design

3 Construction

4 Maintenance


The first step in our process is to meet with one of our lead designers. This one-hour meeting takes place at your home and we discuss the following:

a. How do you want to use the space? We can make your space look amazing, but it needs to be functional and suit how you want to spend time outside. Functionality is a key focus in all of our projects and our goal is to make you want to spend more time outside than in!

b. An in depth practice run of our entire process from start to finish. We want to put you in the shoes of a previous client to show you exactly how we achieve stunning end results. See the 3D fly-through simulations, the construction quoting structure, the working drawings, the permit documentation; everything you need to make an informed decision so if you choose to go ahead there won’t be any surprises along the way.

3D Design

Do you have trouble visualising from 2D black and white plans? We design in 3D! Our clients make substantial investments into their homes and gardens, our responsibility is to make sure the proposal is transparent and the design details are clear. We present our designs using 3D fly-through technology so you can see the colours, textures, levels changes, materials and plants, demonstrating how all your garden elements interact with your home and surrounds.

The thorough nature of our design process allows us to iron out all the creases before any shovels go in the ground. It allows you to make informed decisions about changes and budgets so we all have a clear expectation of what will be delivered by our construction team. Our designers have a deep knowledge of construction methods and technical requirements, meaning our designs allow for the nuances of physically building each component on-site, not just a pretty picture. These are all costs at the design stage, so you know exactly how much the build will cost before signing off on the design.


We are licensed and registered builders and can deliver landscape construction projects legally and methodically. Our amazing construction staff are all in house employees, not hired in sub-contractors, so we can more easily deliver on timelines and quality without different contractors coming on site every day. We know exactly who is on your property and how they will behave professionally and respectfully at all times.

Our cohesive in-house model allows direct communication between designers, landscapers, and office support staff so we can efficiently manage your project at any level. View our projects gallery to see the detail and quality we deliver at Waddell.

We use Master Builders Association contracts.


We provide a garden management service to keep your garden looking fantastic and always improving in line with the initial design vision.

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What Our Clients Say

, Garden Maintenance

Debbie Dickinson


Absolute professionals at every single step of the way. I felt listened to and mutual trust the whole time. I was always so impressed with the clear communication, true creative craftsmanship, and no surprises throughout. Cannot recommend you guys more highly.

, Garden Maintenance

Don Rigaldi


Rob, Tom and the team have transformed our suburban backyard into a beautiful and usable outdoor oasis. Waddell were with us every step of the way and provided professional advice and their transformation of our backyard exceeded our expectations.

, Garden Maintenance

RJ Hilton


We can’t speak highly enough of the service, quality and constant checking in after completion to ensure all is in order. We highly recommend Rob and the team and without question will use their services again in the future!

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