construction, Garden Landscaping

At Waddell Landscape Design, we pride ourselves on not only creating beautiful gardens and landscaping projects but also understanding the importance of how this can give a new refreshed and much improved look to your home.

Our team of garden and landscaping professionals have an impeccable understanding of incorporating natural elements with existing beautiful structures, for a harmoniously outstanding result. 

As experienced garden landscape designers in the Melbourne and Surf Coast region, our team of experts have an in-depth knowledge of the area and can help create the perfect outdoor space to complement your home, paying special attention to the natural characteristics of the region.

Created with your ideal garden landscape design in mind

We can help walk you through the options that would be most suited to your particular garden, bringing your outdoor space to life. From the first initial consultation to the final implementation of your garden landscape design, we make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. We organise all the permits required for any build necessary for your garden design, so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy watching your garden grow from dream to reality. 

Experience our innovative 3D fly through presentation of your future garden landscaping even before the construction phase starts. This realistic overview will give you a detailed visual experience and a clear picture of what your home and garden proposal looks like.

construction, Garden Landscaping
construction, Garden Landscaping

Practicality and functionality in all our garden and landscaping designs

Natural elements and beautiful garden landscaping can bring a sense of peace to any home or outdoor area. Leaders in garden landscaping, we always aim to marry functionality, practicality and beauty in our designs. 

Whether it is an area of relaxation, a safe haven for you to indulge in or an outdoor setting to gather around with friends and family for special occasions, our landscape designers are looking forward to creating the perfect garden landscape for you. Give the team at Waddell Landscape Design a call today to book your initial consultation and let’s explore your garden landscaping possibilities.

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construction, Garden Landscaping


construction, Garden Landscaping


construction, Garden Landscaping

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