From Seeds to Blooms: Mastering Spring Planting in Australia

Oct 26, 2023

From Seeds to Blooms: Mastering Spring Planting in Australia

With Spring comes a fresh start and new beginnings, making it the busiest time for gardeners. Where colours cascade throughout your property and scents perfume the air, the growing season of Spring planting promises nothing but lush and vibrant landscape designs. However, for beginner gardeners, it can be confusing and stressful to work out what flowers and vegetables to plant in spring, Australia being a myriad of soil and sand. Mastering the art of spring planting comes from time and experience and this blog is here to help break down the most complicated of topics and give you the best results as we venture into the warmer months and the end of the year.

Timing and Prep Work

Picking the right time to plant is vital, especially in Australia’s varied climates. Early spring provides a wonderful window to begin planting, while also focusing on getting the soil, the base of your garden, ready. This means getting some garden maintenance done by paying attention to soil temperature and boosting it with organic matter – compost, mulch, slow-release fertiliser or potting mix – to guarantee the best start for new plants in your garden beds.

These transitional months from the late winter to early spring are the perfect time to set the stage for a rich growing season as we step into the warmer months ahead. It creates the right soil temperature to encourage new root system growth and gives everything time to settle before summer hits.

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Embracing a Cornucopia of Plants

Spring brings with it a wide array of veggies and flowers to plant, allowing your garden to burst with everything from sweet corn and climbing beans to an array of Australian natives. Understanding what each type of seed and seedling needs, whether they’re vegetables, fragrant flowers or shrubs, will help ensure your garden flourishes. For instance, sweet corn and climbing beans need lots of sunlight and well-drained soil, to ensure they grow well throughout the season. However, as they’re natives, flowers like the Winter Rouge and shrubs like the Woolly Bush can withstand a lot and flower nearly all year round.

In order to work out what needs what, make note of their features on the back of their labels, so that when it comes to planting time, you have them in the right spot and they can flourish.

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Nurturing Your Seedlings and Plants

As your garden comes into the beginning of early summer, this is the time to become meticulous with caring for your growing seedlings. Using a slow-release fertiliser allows them to get vital nutrients, helping create a strong root system that further cultivates healthy future development.

Not only does fertiliser help your plants grow, but also safeguards them from pests like fruit flies and other bugs looking for an easy meal. Using eco-friendly pest control strategies helps retain your vegetables’ yield and your garden’s integrity, strengthening it as a safe haven and oasis to relax in.

Spring can also be a great time to implement a watering regimen that can last throughout summer. When you place the sprinkler system or mark out the time to water your garden, be careful not to saturate the roots – too much water can cause root rot to develop and this is irreversible.

Vegetables & More: Sculpting a Verdant, Edible Oasis

When it comes to working out what vegetables to plant in spring, Australia works best when you focus on sub-tropic types. Vegetables like beetroot, pumpkin, cucumber and cauliflower do great as spring allows for both germination and growth to happen. With the longer days, these types of vegetables get plenty of sun, allowing them to get the nutrients they need.

With spring, also comes bees and pollination. These types of vegetables rely on pollinators for the formation of their fruits, leading to a bountiful harvest come Autumn. So when it comes to selecting what to plant, make sure to make note of how many flowering seedlings you choose.

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Create a Bespoke Garden with Waddell

Spring planting can be a learning experience. From the choices you make of what flowers to plant in spring, Australia can make what should be an easy choice a little more complicated. So whilst you could muddle through it by yourself, why not create a bespoke garden with Waddell Landscape?

Working with us is about more than just making a garden; it’s about building a space that’s alive, full of experiences and fits your home so no garden is the same. We make sure every plant does well, so your garden is always a pleasant and tasty place to be, from morning till night, and through every season. Let’s create a space that brings new things to see, eat, and enjoy all year round and contact us today.


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