Garden Water Feature Ideas To Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Dec 15, 2022

Your garden should be your own little getaway, away from work, stress, and the real world. But are you sitting there wondering what’s missing? The trickling water of a waterfall into a garden pond or an elegant sculpture centrepiece to a fountain, perhaps? This article is all about garden landscaping water features and how they can benefit you and your home.  In this blog, we discuss a few ideas to transform your garden with the simple addition of a water feature.

Why add water features to your garden? 

Before we get into some great garden water feature ideas, we’re going to briefly cover the benefits of adding them to your home.

An air of opulence

Even a small backyard can become a bespoke, luxurious garden with plenty of visual interest and design with water features. Add a simple and elegant garden pond, curtained by sculptures flowing with water. These kinds of designs make sure your home is going to drip with splendour. 

Accentuate and compliments your current architecture

Water features are designed to be enjoyed and admired, whilst spending time in the garden. This is even better when it compliments your home’s current architectural design. There is a lot of play and personal preference when it comes to it, so get a little experimental and have fun. If you have a victorian style home, it would look serene with a three-tiered outdoor water fountain. 

Encourages the wildlife

Ponds, landscape waterfalls, and birdbaths are all the perfect places for the local wildlife to visit and even live. Rocks, wood and aquatic plants like lilypads are a great way to make a home welcoming slippery froggy friends. Not only are they cute, but they can also help keep insects down at night.  If you are a fan of having fish, why not consider a coy pond? Coy are super easy to look after and look stunning in a natural-looking pond. 

Drives up the curbside appeal

Speaking of being admired and enjoyed, if you’re looking at putting your home on the market potential buyers love to see them. With the right placement, a flowing water wall can be a simple, yet effective way to drive up the curbside appeal, and push your market price. 

Some garden water feature ideas

water features perth It doesn’t matter if you have a small garden or a large lavish garden design, there will be something for you. 

Excite with modernist designs

This first garden water feature idea is about Modernising and simplifying your garden space. Sleek and non-conforming shapes that reject the notion of order and rigid structure. Modernism is about being visually striking, so why not go for a bold centrepiece focal point? Like a modern sculpture backed by a black minimalist wall fountain with chromed spouts leading into a large pond. 

Tranquility, serenity and peace

The life of the modern person is full-on, work, bills, priorities, however much it is, we all need some time to ourselves. Some may not find the time and instead utilise their garden as a space to mellow out and soak in the ambience. A time to switch off from the world, and offer a feeling of peace and serenity in their busy lives.  Maybe this sounds like something you need, and to be honest we all do. Introduce koi ponds with a surrounding zen garden, trickling waterfalls and urn fountains. They’re a staple of anyone’s home looking for zen. The combination of nature and the gentle soothing sound of water flow reduces stress levels and raises mental well-being.  

The rustic, homely style 

Homes don’t need to be stylish, modern or sleek. Australia is a country that’s proud of its rural and rustic lifestyle, so why not introduce that into the home outdoor home?  Simple everyday items go a long way for this style. Think about common features seen in the Australian outback, like recycled metalwork and woodwork. Great rustic designs include repurposed metal watering cans or driftwood as tiered fountains. Recycled everyday objects can go a long way in giving your outdoor area a rustic, Australian feel. 

Listen to the birds

Any garden in Australia should be accentuated by the call of our beautiful birds. There is nothing better than waking up to the calls of willie wagtails, magpies or wattle birds in the morning. Invite them in with your plants as well as with a birdbath. Not only are native Australian birds pretty to listen to they help drive away insects and pests. Whatever style you’re going for, they’ll fit in. Rustic, modern, vintage it doesn’t matter. A little bath for the birds to perch on and splash around in will add life and nature to your garden. 

Bring back the romantic vintage

Love is in the air with the right romantic pieces. Take a step into the past with your water feature designs and sculptures. Cherubs or cupid statues are symbols of love and desire, a motif running back to the Renaissance. A time of change, individualism and of course romanticism. They work great as a centrepiece to a self-contained fountain or pond. 

Create your personal wonderland

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