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Jan 20, 2023

Amazing Ideas for an Australian Native Garden Space

Are you on the search for some great Australian native garden design ideas to incorporate into your home garden project? You’ve come to the right place. Whilst it’s known that Australian native plants are low maintenance, some don’t know where to start when it comes to what works and where they should even go. Here’s a couple of tips to start you off.

Why choose an Australian native garden? 

Native Australian landscapes ensure low maintenance whilst looking striking and vibrant. Australia is spoilt for choice for its bold and showy flowers like the Hakea, which require little to no effort to keep.  So, besides living in Australia, there are a few great reasons why you should decide to grow some native plants in your garden. Check out some examples below:

They’re suited to the Australian environment.

It’s obvious, really. But the thing is, Australia is known to have a harsh climate and the native plant species have just had to evolve to cope with it. Chances are, living in Australia, you’ve grown accustomed to this kind of environment – dry summers, severe droughts, torrential rain and even fires. Imported plants have a hard time surviving and enduring challenging periods. We think our plants look just as good as anything important, so skip the middleman, and use native species! Tip: If you’re in an area that’s prone to droughts and fires consider a fire-resistant garden. Border the garden beds with fire retardant ground cover plants like atriplex, and use tamarix and eucalyptus trees throughout. The high salt content helps to keep the plants from setting alight. 

Low-maintenance work only

Australian native plants are known to be hardy, and are low-maintenance plants to grow and upkeep. As mentioned above Australian natives thrive in Australian conditions, and won’t require too much preparation work to ensure they grow correctly. Many native species can survive entirely on rainfall alone, so there’s no need to get out the watering can! If you’re a one-and-done kind of gardener consider an Australian native garden.  Tip: Most of the plants here are low maintenance, and require very little in the way of constant care. With this in mind, think about the positioning and soil types the plants need. With the right conditions, they’re bound to thrive. 

Looks a treat

Native Australian plants are perfect for garden lovers as they look beautiful, are easy to grow, and even invite the wildlife. Something about the native species strikes a certain unexpected awe in those exploring a garden space. Some plants are showy and striking like the waratah, while others are more reserved and elegant like the wattle trees. Australia’s native plant life is filled with wondrous and beautiful plants that are going to fill out any outdoor space and look like a treat.  Tip: Waratahs love the morning sun, and like to be away from the wind. Try to keep them to the east with a dense shrub nearby to keep them shielded and happy. 

Habitat for the local wildlife

We all know them and we all love them; the lorikeets, kookaburras, kangaroos and blue tongues, so why not invite them into your garden? Australia’s native fauna require a thriving ecosystem in order to survive, and if you’ve catered your garden design projects around this, they’re going to love your home.  There are a number of benefits to inviting wildlife; lizards like blue tongues and birds like the magpie are great at keeping control of pests and annoying insects. Not to mention they’re a joy to spot and watch.  Tip: Grow the plants that are indigenous to your area to invite more of the local wildlife. The local animals will be most interested in seeking out and living in a garden that offers plants they’re familiar with. 

Check out these Australian native landscaping ideas

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  When it comes to landscaping your garden with natives, look at where they originate and what makes them happy and thrive. Not only will you help them flourish but also make your garden look natural as it grows.

Brighten up your garden

Just because you’re going for an Australian native landscape, it doesn’t mean it has to be drab and muted in colour. Whilst it’s true Australian plants typically have a less vibrant colour palette, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Go for a dynamic look for your garden. There are many native trees and plants that offer a range of colourful flowers and designs.  Banskias and grevilleas always come to mind when thinking of a plant that offers bright and bold flowers, presenting yellows, reds and pink blooms. They’re easy enough to maintain in your garden, not requiring much in the way of fertilisation and preferring sandy soils that drain easily. These two low-maintenance plants can really give colour and depth to any home.  Tip: Try not to overload your garden area with colour in tight clusters, as there will be too much detail and nothing will really stand out. Instead, opt for loose clusters of flowering plants, and set them in with shrubs and small trees. 

Layer your garden up

Giving your garden bed depth is more than just adding colour everywhere. It’s about layering the plants together, leaving out any negative space, and making sure there is visual interest everywhere you look. Simply, the closer to the center of the bed the larger and denser the plants will be. You can use three general plant sizes, small ground cover bushes and shrubs like emu bush, medium flowering plants like the mozzie blocker, and larger plants and trees like gums and wattle trees.  Tip: As the name suggests, the mozzie blocker is a natural mosquito repellant with a citronella aroma. So they smell great and keep those annoying mozzies away. They’re easy enough to grow and can tolerate both frost and drought, and love to be partially shaded.

Wandering paths

For anyone looking to spruce up their curb appeal, you should try a few front yard Australian native garden designs. One thing to consider is to think about how people will interact with the garden around them. By this, we mean using walkways and footpaths to steer those having a gander at the plants through the garden. To go with the theme of native Australian landscape, use curved paths that seem aimless to explore the wonderland.  Tip: Use pavers and concrete paths for the primary walkways, and use something that’s a little more reserved for those wanting to truly explore and go off the beaten path. For this, you could use simple stepping stones or gravel paths. This will give a sense of direction and aim through your backyard. 

Time to get to work!

Now you have an idea of a few design ideas and the best gardens for your home. Oh, you have your eyes set on a garden design, you say? Good to hear! Now you need some landscapers to get the work done, and for that we have you covered.  Our Melbourne-based team in Waddell Landscape Design are experts in everything to do with native Australian plants and designs. We go further than just doing plants, your landscaping services include hardscaping work, footpaths or water features installed, we’re the perfect fit. Check out our previous project examples and you’ll see we have some of the best work on offer within Australia! 


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